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Wow so this den of demons stuff is.. horrible and UGH.
But it's getting my mind off of something a lot worse for me...

Is anyone into the paranormal? Or knows any little bit about it? I really need help. Well anyways I have a good story for you...

oh god i'm really freaked out right now...

when I got home today from college.. grandma told me something that happened and it freaked the FUCK out of me.

She said she heard someone come up the stairs, she turned her head toward the stairs, and she saw ME. But here's the problem.. it wasn't me and couldn't have been. I was in Buffalo at college hours away and this was at 1am. She said it looked and sounded like me and "I" SPOKE to her.. I said "Grandma.. it's me. My tummy hurts....." Grandma thought I was really sick or something coming home from college and all so she grabbed the remote to the TV to put it on mute.. and then looked at where "I" was and "I" was gone..
The next day she told grandpa the story and told him "not to laugh or think i'm crazy." After she told he did laugh and grandma got mad... she said "you never believe me" and then he said "no, that's not why i'm laughing... I'm laughing because before "she" went upstairs... she came into the living room and sat down on the sofa and talked to me. She asked me how I was doing and then left". Then they both talked about what I looked like and what I was wearing... and it was the same purple poofy lacey dress that I *DO NOT OWN* OR NEVER SEEN. I also changed my hair style and grandma and grandma didn't know about it yet... but when they saw me they saw me with my new hair... ._.'

I really don't know what the hell to do... ;____;
Can anyone give me a little comfort? >_<; I don't want to go to sleep...
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